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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I do think we are a conspiracy-theory obsessed culture. We've been lied to so often by the "powers that be," and each other, that it's hard to take anything at face value. If you accept the narrative "as is" you are considered a simpleton. Plus watch any movie, and you will see that anything that happens is not what it seems, there is always a dark secret, a cabal of bad ones pulling the strings. And there have been lots of plots and dark doings. We have been lied to, the truth has been buried. Over and over again. And we tell ourselves this is the way of the world.

But I think we are almost in a Post-Tramatic-Stress Syndrome type situation. We see plots everywhere. We never take the simple road. We no longer trust "the truth." We don't even know what "the truth" means anymore. We are a totally paranoid society.  Maybe for good reason. Of course, we are being lied to and spied on - so our paranoia is well-founded, but even when there are simple answers or explanations, or a truth appears, right before our nose, we doubt it.  We don't trust it. We don't trust anything, even ourselves.

A society without trust, a society with only doubt and fear and elaborate theories of grand conspiracies -it's a sort of madness. A crazed, hair-brained sickness. A hall of mirrors enclosed in a hall of mirrors.

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