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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pure Madness

I do think our global financial system is pure madness. It wasn't totally apparent for a long time. There were hints along the way. Then it started to become clear that money was being created out of thin air.

And one day everyone woke up and realized that air really wasn't the best collateral. And some bills finally do come due.

How much of our wealth has been built on an airy fiction? Trillions and trillions. Weird.

It's also clear that our way of life, especially here in America is totally unsustainable. Our planet can't survive it. Or at least all the living things on the planet can't survive it.

And now it's just so strange to watch the scrambling going on. Trying to re-inflate the balloon. The more re-inflating, the more crazy it all seems.

I suppose this is an opportunity to re-make the world. I suppose...


  1. I'm hoping for total immediate meltdown. The planet will really truly "go green" again. I think that we should be following the herd of Elk over the mountains of discarded Blackberry's and SUV's to sustain our numbers. Hurry back, hunting and gathering! I can do both.

  2. Evolution, here we come!


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