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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Euphoria Surfing

I've been riding waves of euphoria the last few days. It's kind of an unnatural state. How long can I stay up on the surf-board?

The ocean of our world is a churning mass. We asked for CHANGE. And it looks like we've got more change coming than we bargained for. I see this as a good thing.

I mean it's gonna be a wild ride.

What happens when we get what we've asked for? Some problems are resolved, and new ones are introduced.

This morning before coffee the Lovely Carla and I laid in bed, the morning sun streaming through the windowpane.

"Living with lies causes pain."

"Living with the truth causes pain too."

"It's a pain thing."



  1. I've never done drugs (not even one lousy joint) but I want a hit off of your life. Idealism is beautiful and you seem rife with the stuff.

    I'm 48 and seem to have lost the truth of things. When I was in my (early) 20's, I seemed like you. How do you keep the positive on the upper level? I'm generally in the middle or bottom levels and pretending to be at the top when I "seem" on top. Don't get me wrong, I'm strivin' for it, but I don't ever really reach it anymore.

    Maybe a bit of weed is the answer.

    Okay. Talk to you later. Going out now to buy a bong and bag. Better times ahead.

  2. hi god - don't bogart that joint my friend! actually i find that living clean definitely has it's benefits. as they say, living well is the best revenge.

    not sure what accounts for my general sunniness. i have my dark times too. but i've learned that they will pass. just like the good times.

    once you realize that basically everything will pass, things seem to get a little lighter. i guess it's all really just the bearable lightness of being light.

  3. Pain shmain. Highly overrated.


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