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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hot Dog Day

I live in one of the Bluest of Blue neighborhoods in the country. There was a beautifully festive mood in the hood yesterday. Kind of like Hot Dog Day. That was the big day, once a year, when I was kid in Catholic grade school.

The Hot Dog Man would come to school and everyone would get a hot dog and a Coke. I remember watching in amazement when the Hot Dog Man would stand in front of the class and hand out the goodies. It seemed like a benevolent alien being had descended upon us to bring us joy.

That same feeling carried me through the day yesterday.

Yes it is thrilling and amazing that the Obama movement is blowing the doors of our Bleak House open wide. At the same time, as Paul Krugman describes it, the Monster Years are ending.

Multiplies the joy many, many times over.


  1. I went to Catholic school for 12 years. I'm sorry that you too were subjected to Nuns and rulers. It made us smarter though. Corporal punishment needs a resurgence. The world would be a better place if women in habits were allowed to physically discipline children.

  2. god - i'm left-handed and actually got my knuckles slapped with a ruler once in a while. the nuns believed that the left hand was owned by the devil or something. maybe they were right? yes, the nuns all dressed like darth vader. very weird. but i did learn how to read and write. i tried to be invisible most of the time. maybe what you mean is that now as adults wouldn't it be cool to be disciplined by women dressed up in exotic outfits?!


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