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Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm Faux America!

Dick Cheney emerged from his undisclosed location and put the knife in McCain's back yesterday. Kind of reminds you of that scene in Godfather II when Al Pacino kisses his brother Fredo and you know it's all over for the disloyal little weasel.

I think the death knell has finally tolled for the "real America." 3 days left. And hell, isn't it time we discarded that useless old picture?

If a McCain/Palin rally represents the Real America, then give me the FAUX AMERICA! I am a proud citizen of the Faux America! Faux Americans live in places like Chicago, LA, New York, San Francisco. We are a Rainbow Coalition.

We are informed, forward-looking. We don't believe in Torture, we don't think America is a Christian Nation, we don't think White Evangelicals have a monopoly on truth.

Check out a McCain/Palin rally. It's white, white, white. Old, old, old. There is very little diversity. It is rural. It is backward looking. I'll be happy to include them in our new Faux movement as long as they don't get in the way. The old reality has been a complete bust.

Let's go Faux.

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