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Friday, October 07, 2005

"Ride the snake, to the lake..." - The Doors

So, I did the whale hunt yesterday (see previous post), made the long trek, it took almost three CDs to get there: Dylan's "New Morning" ("Brighton Girls are like the moon"), "Cream Live" ("I'm a sleepy-time boy, I live a life of joy."), and "Jugula" - Roy Harper and Jimmy Page ("I'm stoned...out of my bone.")

Turns out, everything is still as clear as the murky mud. I saw the white whale, I swear, it leaped in front of me, it looked me in the eye, by god, I think it smiled and winked! I realized I am not to kill the beast, instead, I must ride it, (Just like Jim Morrison, riding that snake to the lake.), I am not the "whale slayer," no, I am the "whale rider!"

I must be gentle, I must be patient, I must be humble...and yes, I must be brave!

Here's the vision: I will let it all go, I will enter the water, I will swim out into the deep blue, I will wait (all alone) for the beast to come to me. I will offer myself up, I will latch on, gently, silently. I will try to guide this white immensity into calm waters, we will ride together, we will dance with the moonbeams, we will chase the sun...

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