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Sunday, October 02, 2005

"Let's Play God!"

Lately, I've had this idea, that I'm searching for "the next thing," that there's something waiting to descend upon me. In a recent conversation, I was offered the idea that, "maybe you've already found it, you're already onto the next thing."

This kind of took me by surprise, and you know what, I think it's true. I'm already in the midst of the "next thing," eventhough I don't exactly know what it is, kind of like that ancient concept (see Plato) that what we are "learning" is really just a process of "remembering," as if we are victims of some grand, metaphysical amnesia.

So when we "wake up," we are waking up to what we already know, or at one time knew (Is this encoded in our DNA? Are we rediscoving our own "God-like" properties?). Maybe our process of discovery, is a process of re-discovery. Maybe we need to find this out for ourselves? Maybe our education, our society, our civilization has been erected to make us dumb, stupid and blind?

It sure would explain a lot.

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