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Vote Blue 2020

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"Don't Go in the Basement!"

It was William Burroughs (I might be paraphrasing) who once said, "a paranoid, schizoprenic, is just a guy who's figured out what's what." The closer you look at something, the more you see. Sometimes there are connections, or you make connections, that seem to reveal deeper truths, and/or deeper mysteries. It's kind of like those Robert Anton Wilson books, describing the secret history of the Illuminati, where new patterns and coincidences reveal a vast conspiracy that seemingly explains the unexplainable. Or maybe just points to a greater mystery, which rings true, because it's our experience on so many levels (physical, spiritual, etc.).

This PlameGate Leak case is a good example. If you delve deep, and brother, I am so deep into this one, my eyeballs are spinning like tops, you find a connection from Iran/Contra, to Italian Fascists, to Iraqi Fraudsters, to Israeli Intelligence, to powerful NeoCons (American Fascists?!), to skullduggery and backstabbing, to lies in high places, to an illegal war, to a high-jacked democracy. You begin to realize (or fantasize?) that there's another level of activity, below the surface, under the radar, of secret plans and agendas. You begin to believe that our day to day view of events are just SHOWBIZ! Things (Operatives?!) that aren't supposed to see the light of day are working for other purposes and other outcomes, we're just the stupid pawns being manipulated in a much bigger game...hmmm, one starts thinking there are things in the dark that can come out and bite you in the ass!

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