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Vote Blue 2020

Saturday, July 06, 2019

We Turn to Kimchi!

What to do? Turn to kimchi. We ordered "take-out" yesterday, why cook? Nothing quite like spicy, fermented vegetables. The scientists tell us that kimchi is good for our microbiomes.

"Both inside and out, our bodies harbour a huge array of micro-organisms. While bacteria are the biggest players, we also host single-celled organisms known as archaea, as well as fungi, viruses and other microbes – including viruses that attack bacteria. Together these are dubbed the human microbiota. Your body’s microbiome is all the genes your microbiota contains, however colloquially the two terms are often used interchangeably."

Remember: Food Is Medicine. We aren't just eating for ourselves, we are eating for a village, the big and small things inside of us. Anyway, the kimchi was delicious. I find that eating light and healthy is just the best. The less food I eat, the better it tastes. Is that weird? I think not. Just another example of "less is more."

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