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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Just Less...

I have a pudgy friend who is always dieting. He has tried every diet imaginable. Still, I think if my friend could discover his Utopia it would be sinking into a comfy couch with a large Pizza with everything on it, and a cold 12-pack of beer.

So "pudgy" is just his state of equilibrium. Nothing wrong with that, except of course, you wonder about his arteries, and heart and intestines, and all that internal stuff. We are what we eat, what we consume. At the same time all that stuff consumes us too.

It's funny. He wants to be thinner, buffer, less puffy and pudgy, but that couch and pizza and beer is always calling. As Oscar Wilde once said: "I can resist everything, but temptation."

Yes. We all have to live, the way we want to live. Live and let live.

My friend has also coined a name for a diet he invented, his own diet, one that he rarely follows, one that lately I have adopted. It is the ELF diet. You may wonder what exactly the ELF diet is? Do you imagine a small person with big ears and a goofy grin? No, not that. The ELF diet is the Eat Less Food diet.

Yes, lately, ELF diet for me. Also speak less. Think less. Lots of silent contemplation for me. Less consuming. All around. Less. Just less.

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