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Monday, July 15, 2019

"A Man Who Knows He's Going Under..." - J. Baldwin

"This country was founded on the ideas of justice, of liberty, of the pursuit of happiness. But these core beliefs are under threat. Each and every day. We are under threat by an administration that would rather cage children than pass comprehensive immigration reform." - Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

What if you are a "powerful" man, in a "powerful" office, but no one fears you? Instead, everyone knows you are a fool, an idiot, a coward, a disgrace, a hollow-bully, a big baby, a bloated narcissist, an incompetent, racist, corrupt fraud. How do you make it from day to day? How do you look at your self in the mirror?

I mean, what happens when even your fans/followers know in their hearts that you are a complete bust. They know it, they just don't have the heart, the courage, the smarts to admit it. They can't admit they were conned, that they fell for the toxic, carnival barker selling the "big con," and they are just too dim, small-minded and weaselly to admit it.

We have entered a new phase of this complete debacle. FUBAR! The time when folks start calling out the bully. There is nothing to fear. This powerful man is melting, disintegrating, falling to pieces right before our eyes.

Representatvie Ilhan Omar quoting James Baldwin:

“There are few things more dreadful than dealing with a man who knows he is going under, in his own eyes, and in the eyes of others. Nothing can help that man. What is left of that man flees from what is left of human attention.” ~James Baldwin

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