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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, has Found the Dragon's Eggs!

Really? You mean to tell me that the Big Bad Bully got out-played by a Woman? 

Ha, ha, ha!

Best way to win against a Bully? As a wee lad, I learned, one sharp (and lucky) punch in the nose will do it. I mean, I am not advocating violence, but my own personal experience tells me that sometimes you have to stand up to the Bully terrorizing you; you have to call his bluff, especially if you are finally tired of having that Fat Little Kid knocking you to the ground, sitting on your chest, making you eat dirt. I remember one glorious, lucky punch that just accidentally landed on the Bully's nose. Blood flowed. Tears were shed, and that Bully never messed with me again. Almost seems like a Myth. But it really did happen. I know, I was there.

So yes, turns out Nancy Pelosi has found the Dragon's Eggs. And our Big Bad Bully Man Prez got his head handed to him. So, so sweet. And now, that the Bully is down licking his wounds, what does she do? She goes for the jugular...

First this: “In the face of 37 indictments, the President’s continued actions to undermine the Special Counsel investigation raise the questions: what does Putin have on the President, politically, personally or financially?” - Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

And then this...

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