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Sunday, January 06, 2019

Let's Make America Equitable Again!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is creating quite the exciting storm, the new house member from New York is a darling of the left. I am energized by her energy!

She is floating the idea of setting the top marginal tax rate at 70%. This seems so necessary. It is refreshing that someone is pushing this idea. She would use the revenue stream to drastically curb America's carbon dioxide emissions.

This is just common sense. The wealthy, a small portion of the ultra-rich, should pay their fair share to help keep America strong, and to address our greatest existential crisis. It's not a ridiculous idea. It is not crazy or onerous. Don't let those rich folks confuse you with jibber-jabber.

Remember the ultra-rich benefit greatly from living in America. They would not be ultra-rich if it wasn't for the rest of us. Our schools, our roads, our police departments, our fire brigades, our well-financed military, our consumers, our workers. Our blood, sweat & tears.

In earlier times the ultra-rich were taxed at a much higher rate: "Under Eisenhower, the top earners paid a 91 percent marginal rate, falling to Ocasio-Cortez’s proposed 70 percent under Kennedy and Johnson..."

Yeah. Eisenhower. Not exactly a socialist icon. Come on America, wake up! It is past due time that the ultra-rich ponied up. Let's make America equitable again!

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