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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wreak Some Cosmic Justice!

If I knew a few Voodoo rituals I would know what to do. I would put a curse on the GOP. The party. In total. Each and every member. They are a danger to our government, to our country. Led by the "Grab Them By The Pussy" President, they are working on looting the public coffers to the benefit of their rich donors.


You want to be fair-minded. Clear seeing. And I think I am. When a political party reveals itself to be a shameless vehicle for corruption, incompetence, greed, selfishness and bad actions, there is nothing to do but call them out, and call on all forces beyond the human, to come down and wreak some cosmic justice.

Of course, we need to vote these scoundrels out of office. But we also need some extra-human help. I curse you GOP. I curse you! From the bottom of my heart, I curse you!

Note: So yes, this morning, I turn out the lights, light a candle, place it in the center of the living room and chant up a spell. I put a spell on all those who harm children, who take money and support from the poor, who try to shout down the voiceless, who mock women, children, immigrants, those struggling to make it day to day. Those who feed their own greedy selves, who cut deals for the wealthy, who rob from the poor to give to the rich. I put a spell on all those folks. I demand justice. I demand that the cosmic powers come down on them with the heavy hand of karma.

They will get what they deserve... here's the soundtrack for this morning's Voodoo spell...

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