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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Still in One Piece...

Super-cold here in the Midwest. It's a challenge just to navigate the day. Everything is frozen, raw, harsh, hard, brittle. You think: It's easy to break. There is something about surviving. Something about making it to another morning. I mean, you don't deserve a medal or anything. Survival is it's own reward. But, of course, it does have it's limits. You push forward, and hope that you don't reach the outer limits of your exsistence for a bit longer. Maybe make it to a sunnier, warmer reality. In the depths of Winter, there are thoughts of Spring. But, you know, what's to be learned now? Right now? Warm is good. Staying in with loved ones, binge watching Netflix ("The Crown" and "The Get Down" are highly recommended), or reading a good book - for instance, Moby's memoir, listening to excellent music (Bowie's "Blackstar," Peter Gabriel's "So," King Crimson's "Red,") are good survival strategies. Recharging. Restoring. Re-vitalizing. Building up your energy. Counting all your fingers and toes. Being thankful you are still in one piece.

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