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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yes, Lots of Kinks...

Speaking of Stooges... (see previous post)...

Some bands are dysfunctional. Or maybe they are only really functional on stage, in the middle of a song. Here's the Kinks in 1977 on SNL. Pretty cool medley of their hits...

Offstage, these guys were insomniacs, heavy drinkers - lots of pratfalls, conks on the head, dysfunction, dissatisfaction, sibling rivalry, disappearances, misunderstandings, lost chances.

Or as Ray Davies himself sums it up, Kinks-style: bad management, bad luck, bad behavior.  It's only r&r! Dave and Ray are all smiles on stage, but supposedly even before this little set, it was all flared tempers, and bad blood... maybe that was the source of their chemistry?!

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