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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Narcissism is a Genre!

Narcissism. It's a genre. A life-style. A career. An all-consuming obsession. "Excessive self-love, fascination with oneself, vanity."

Our culture has enshrined narcissism as a religion. We are fascinated with those fascinated with themselves. We can't get enough of those folks over-flowing with vanity and self-love for all things them! We have elevated these people, we listen to their songs about themselves, we watch their self-reverential videos, we marvel at their constant stream of "selfies."

We can't live without knowing how the great Narcissists amongst us see and feel and think about all that passes thru them. Some of these Narcissists pose as the great artists of our time. They don't reflect the world, they project themselves into the world, and declare that they themselves are the world.

All revolves around the Narcissist. All roads lead to them and thru them. All eyes are on them. And those who watch, those who adore the Narcissist are elevated and gratified just by being in their glowing aura. And by adoring those who adore, well, in a small way, the common ones are adored too.

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