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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Wrote a new song with my song-writing partner, finished it last night. Some times songs come easy, and you wonder, was it "too easy?" That's crazy. No such thing as too easy.

Songs come. Sort of like the rain. That's how it feels. They fall down on you. Not a lot of thinking involved. The best is when your partner brings the lyrics and you start strumming, and then it comes together, a melody emerges.

I always have riffs and chord progressions kind of stocked up. Just for spontaneous sessions like the one we had last night. We recorded a demo on our little digital recorder. This morning, listening, it does sound good, really good.

And then you think, "where'd that come from?" And then, "wonder if it will ever happen again?" That's song-writing! I give all the credit to my old guitar. Lots of songs in that beat-up old friend.

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