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Monday, February 15, 2016

Trump in his Smarmy Trumpiness!

I haven't actually taken the time to sit hru a complete GOP debate yet. I'd rather drive a nail into my forehead, but I have watched a few highlight clips. And I have to say that Trump is quite the entertaining GOP killer. Is he some kind of "Manchurian Candidate?"

He's loud and obnoxious, and he has been successful at bringing the debate down to the mud wrestling level. Everyone on stage with him is sort of lowered into a shouting match with a bully. And all the other candidates look like bad copies of the original Trump. Trump is the worst candidate imaginable, but Bush, Rubio, Cruz are actually even worse than that, poor imitations of the loudmouth bully.

At least Trump is genuinely Trump in all his smarmy Trumpiness. And he actually stumbles into the truth once in awhile, which is sort of exhilarating. When he attacked Jeb and the Bush/Cheney regime for lying us into a war in Iraq, over WMD that they knew did not exist, well, it was sort of supremely sublime.

Jeb sputtered. Trump lorded over him. The audience was in an uproar.  Pretty funny! So Trump. God help us! I hope Trump destroys the GOP and then the Democrats sweep into a new era of politics.

Update: More here on Trump the "Bush-killer!" Exquisite, viciously true, and a highly-effective attack on Bush's tragic, Iraq folly. What a great takedown of Jeb and his devastatingly idiotic brother!

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