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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Think! Change the Universe!

You can change the quality of your life by the way you think. It's true. Seems so simple. Sort of absurd. You think. And you change it.

Example. Sometimes I get in that mode of "I need to make something happen." I have spent lots of time in my life in this mode. It's pretty unfulfilling. How do you "make things happen?" Who knows?!

I don't think that's how the universe works. I can't make things happen. Not really. I mean, I am active. I do things. But what happens is bigger than me.

So then you step back and think: I can't make anything happen. I can only be attentive. Be present. Be engaged. And what happens? I feel better. More relaxed. Sleep better. See clearer.

Just by changing the way I think... and how I see the universe. Simple. Really.

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