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Vote Blue 2020

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Giving Up!

It is amazing what you can give up, if you are made to give it up. And life, or life's circumstances, sometimes do seem to ask us to give up a lot. More than we can imagine. But then, it's turns out we can do it, we can let go, we can give up many, many things, and maybe the giving up turns out to be easier than we imagined, and the giving up can become a strength. And there are things you thought you absolutely couldn't live without, that you find that of course, you can live without. And it sort of makes you adjust your thoughts and feelings on what life is, and what life isn't. Life -  being alive is such a simple thing, a thing of breathing, a thing of having a heartbeat, having consciousness, being up and about in the world. And we can add or subtract to the list. But the list, the essential list is very small, very concentrated, simple, not cluttered.

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