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Thursday, March 08, 2012

War Drums

Nothing seems to deter those who like to beat the drums of war.  I suppose if you possess the largest military ever known to man, and if your military is armed to the teeth with the scariest, high-tech arsenal of weapons you could ever imagine, well, yes, I guess it's easy to see why the war drums are thumped on a daily basis.

Still if you do a quick review of recent history, you can see that war is not (to paraphrase Chairman Mao) a "dinner party."  And there are all kinds of "unintended consequences" when you unleash those rabid dogs of war.  Plus, of course, there's all that human wreckage.  Even our own soldiers seem to be crushed inside by all the slaughter they are required to wreak and to witness.  PTSD anyone?!?

Good intentions, or is it bad intentions, poorly disguised as good intentions, can quickly devolve into "hell on earth."  Still, it's surprising to see how these realities never seem to darken the brows of the War Mongers.  They talk about bombing other countries like it's as simple as brushing one's teeth, or taking out the trash.

And what about those places where the bombs fall?  People live there. People die there.  All those shiny weapons open the door to untold pain, suffering and tragedy.  Do the War Mongers ever think about the human cost?  Do they care? WTF?

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