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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Playing with Boulders

At some point you just let it go...  

You do everything in your power to move that boulder forward; you push, you shove, you roll. And just why are you moving that boulder?  Well, maybe you don't really know, you just want to rearrange the valley, and you need to move that boulder up the hill.

You are being "industrious."  You have tried to levitate the boulder.  You have tried to ignore it.  You put things on it, and have pretended that it was a table.  But really nothing worked.  It just sat there, right in the middle of your valley, and well, it just didn't go with the rest of the decor.

So you put your shoulder to the task.  It takes muscle, determination and brute strength.  You have imagined a valley without that boulder, you have made drawings, diagrams and new floor plans.  The boulder just didn't figure in the plan.

So you get the thing up the hill.  Finally, after much work.  You're at the top of the hill with the boulder.  And then you just let it go.  It rolls back down.  It's a rollicking roll.  A joyous roll.  That boulder looks like it's having a blast just flying back down the hill to settle back exactly where it started.

And unaccountably, you are thrilled too.  It was fun.  It was a really joyous roll, and you felt it in your body, your senses were alive, on fire with joy as you watched that boulder roll.  Really.  Strange.

And you run back down the hill, you try to run with the same rollicking joyousness.  And you get to the boulder, and you do it again; you push, you shove, you roll.  You push that boulder up that hill again, over and over.  And then let it go and watch it fly over and over.


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