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Thursday, March 15, 2012

"The Screw-your-clients, screw-everybody, grab-what-you-can culture of the modern finanacial services industry." - M. Taibbi

I guess we already knew that the big Financial Titans on Wall Street, and especially Goldman Sachs, are corrupt, blood-sucking firms just out to make as much money as possible.  And that they think their clients are just naive and brain-less "muppets" who need to be separated from their cash.

But when one of the well-heeled brethren who worked there actually declares that he's had enough, and comes out and says it on the pages of the New York Times I guess it is news.  You wonder if any other Wall Streeters have pangs of conscience.  

I suppose in that world, all that easy money makes words like honesty and integrity seem pretty quaint; just paltry, old-world concepts of use only to the hard-working muppets out in the heartland.  

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