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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sonic Monster of Beauty!

This is my third post about Moby.  That's the trifecta!  And a sign of my obsession.  But you know,  I actually have read "Moby Dick" twice, (really, I'm not kidding, it is my favorite novel of all time, and certainly the best novel centered on "whaling" and yes, I truly do love the chapter on the "color" white! And yes, I truly, really did finish the novel twice!) and Moby is a great, great grandson of Herman Melville, so maybe there's some kind of circularity of obsessional logic in there somewhere.

So I bought "Play" at my local used CD store.  $1.99!  That's the lay of the land of music these days.  A record that sells over 10 million copies world-wide will finally make it (11 years later) to the used CD bin at a bargain-basement price!

And this late adopter finally caught up to the zeitgeist well after it's passing into the fog of time.

And well, I guess it's not an earth-shaking assessment from me, at least 10 million other people know it already - a great disc!  I love how Moby uses blues and gospel in a techno/electronic/dance setting.  And some of the tunes are so atmospheric and "spiritual."  I did think of that other bald-headed genius, Brian Eno, and I was also reminded of U2's "Achtung, Baby" and "Zooropa."

So yeah, it's a keeper for sure.  Sometimes you land the little fish, and it turns out the fish is a monster.  "Play" is a sonic monster of beauty!

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