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Monday, November 28, 2011

Bathrobes and Web Cams

We're playing a bunch of cover songs for a show this coming weekend.  It's been kind of a weird exercise.  I invited some guest vocalists to front our band with their preferred songs.  So we are doing some songs that we'd probably never think of doing on our own.

And the actual process of figuring out someone else's songs is kind of nerdy and not that full-filling.  Go to You Tube and you'll find lots of folks in their bathrobes playing their guitars in front of web cams.  It's a great way to learn a song or riff, but I find it kind like working a crossword puzzle.  Kind of takes the inspiration out of the equation.

Usually when you learn a song it's because you really, really want to play and sing it.  In this case, it's sort of like a homework assignment.

We rehearsed yesterday with the full band, and our band was fabulous, but it was kind of like letting friends get behind the steering wheel of your shiny new car.  

What the hell was I thinking?  But hell, it's all for the show!  Rock and roll!

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