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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Crazy, Up Close!

I had one of those Sunset Boulevard kind of experiences.  Visiting a person of interest.  It's weird when the mask comes off, and you realize that the person you are spending time with has a completely other side, a side that has never been revealed to you before.

This is in line with my whole theory of our human make-up - that we pretend to be rational creatures, we put on the mask of rationality, but it is a thin disguise, and there all these vast pools of irrationality just below the surface, waiting to emerge.

So I sat in kind of numb/dumb wonder, and watched the show.  It was funny, sad and horrifying at the same time.  And well, what could I do, except just kind of play along?  And I did, for about two hours.  Two of the longest hours I have experienced in a long time.

And "my friend" carried on in his mad way, not really noticing that I was doing my best to just "play along" like all was right in the world.  Finally got out of there, vowing never, ever, to get myself in that kind of position again.

I know the crazy is always right there, but to see the deep, dark, crazy up close, face to face, man, it's like being in an Ingmar Bergman movie!

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