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Friday, November 25, 2011

Mad Over Depressed Any Day!

I suppose given the choice, and well, isn't everything just a freaking choice around here, that I'd choose getting mad over getting depressed.

Getting mad is sort of outer-directed, and even if there isn't a clear target, it's good to kind of expel those darker feelings, as opposed to being depressed which is sort of inner-directed, and kind of just chews you up.

And just why do I choose to be mad?!  Well look around at the world, you Toad!

So yeah, put on some over-charged rock and roll and start shadow boxing in the kitchen.  A good release of energy.  And as long as I'm fighting shadows, no one gets hurt, including me.  

Best to just jump around for a awhile, maybe mop the floor too, might as well clean up while I'm hopping mad and well, turn all that negative energy into a positive force.

The Flaming Lips and Rage Against the Machine provide a great soundtrack to clean up time!

Now that's using your energy in a constructive way!  Oh yeah, and Piss Off!

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