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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Video Guy is an Amazing Artist!

There's a guy I know who works at the local video store.  We seem to be a the same wavelength on certain pop cultural fronts.  We both love Iggy Pop, we are both fans of "Dead Man," we both love Neil Young's soundtrack to that film, we both think Iggy in a granny outfit, making beans and talking about "philistines" around the campfire is funny and sublime.

Turns out we also have a shared admiration for Edgar Allen Poe and the Surrealists too.  And it turns out my video guy is also an amazing visual artist, who is creating his own stunningly beautiful and strange world of impossibilities. Who knew? 

My video guy is a neighbor in my blog world too. 

You can check out his wondrous, amazing, totally confounding visual world fully exposed on his blog site: "Beyond the Limits of Reason."  You must give it a look. The more you look, the more you see, and hell yes, the world is more beautiful and complex and strange and beyond any little box of reason you want to put it in.


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