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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Multiplicity of Deities

The Lovely Carla and I were out and about yesterday, no great plans, we were in the mode of taking in the day, come what may. We went to the Bucktown Art Fest to visit friends and comrades. I ended up in a fiery political debate with my doppleganger, (it's a yearly ritual), who is diametrically opposed to everything I think, eat and breathe. It's kind of refreshing and exhilarating, (frustrating too) to find another fairly intelligent human being who sees everything absolutely contrariwise than I. It almost seems impossible (can there be any consensus? NOPE. I see up, he sees down, I see left, he sees right). It makes you realize there really isn't one world...only versions, infinite versions of the damn thing.

So anyway with all the discussion of terror and prayer, and Ayatollahs, and Christian Fundamentalists, and war and peace and corruption, and torture, etc. It became clear to me, that my polar-opposite was in the Christian Ayatollah Camp, ready to do battle with the Muslim Ayatollah camp...

I was not prepared to take sides in that craziness...I threw my hat in the ring with Las Vegas, Internet Porn, Rock and Roll, a world of QUESTIONS WITHOUT ANSWERS, free of ideologies...

Which leads me I'm reading about Eliot Minz, who used to be a publicist for John Lennon. Eliot now works for Paris Hilton. According to Eliot, Lennon was a voice of a generation, and he believes that Paris is too. "Young people don't believe in politicians, they don't believe in their leaders. They look to celebrities to lead them." Now I don't know if looking to celebrities to lead us will bring us to a more just society, a higher minimum wage, more education and health care for the young and old, peace and prosperity...but maybe following the exploits of Paris Hilton is it's own little utopia.

What a strange continuum...but ya know, the more I think of it, it makes some kind of strange sense...from Lennon to Paris. "He (Eliot) really gets me, the whole Paris thing. He knows it's all a game." - P. Hilton

I'd rather play with the godless heathens of this mad pop culture world than the death-embracing world of the apocalyptic Ayatollahs of judgement and morality, and pin-headed-one-god-religions. Pagans of consumer culture live in a land of a multiplicity of deities...Lennon and Paris...long live multiplicity!

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