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Friday, August 18, 2006

Levitating the Pentagon

I took the day's the kickoff of the "Abbie Hoffman Died for Your Sins Fest," tonight. My little theater group has performed there 7 or 8 years running (it's somewhat foggy in my noggin). It's a cool Chicago theatrical institution, hosted by one of my heroes, Rich Cotovsky overseeing the proceedings in his guise as Abbie; a celebration of the the splendiferous, rag-tag, bare knuckles and broad shoulders version of the dramatic arts. There ain't no bullshit to be found in Rich or his approach to the work.

What I like about the fest: it's a snapshot of what's happening now...from the sublime to the shit, and everything in between. My group is to be found somewhere in that mix...we've probably hit both ends of the spectrum somewhere along the line.

I'm feeling good about our new piece; it combines our usual mix of odd and twisted, cut and paste scenes, with original music, backed by a little three-piece r&r combo. There's a kick to acting, playing guitar and...oh mercy, singing in public...there have been moments when I can see we have something that could really be a breakthrough for our little group.

It's all transitory and tentative...seeking perfection, but knowing that it's a place like beckons, out in the mist...promising riches beyond imagination...does it really exist or not?

Well, what the's "put up or shut up" time...

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