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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Con Game

America is a Con Game writ large. The engine of this empire is run on the greed, the dishonesty, the gullibility and the optimism of the populace. I think we actually revere the Con Man. For examples of the Con Game in action please refer to: Hollywood, Wall Street, Washington D.C. Be sure to check your wallet when dealing with the Financial Services sector, or the Insurance game.

The days of honest labor are waning. In fact, today, the honest day-laborer is mocked, ridiculed by the participants in the big Con. The promises of the Con: "you can do what's never been done, you can win what's never been won." We're told we can have it all, all the time. And we see the lucky ones who seem to live in another realm of infinite riches, big cars, flashy diamonds, endless party...

"You make the big score, and then you're free" - Billy the Kid
"We blew it." - Captain America

I've lived with the Easy Rider ethos for many, many years. One deal away from nirvana. I know it's an illusion, this irrational promise of golden riches...I've been conned, lived the con, practiced the con. All entertaiment is a con game (sometimes it pays off) - promising more than the price of a ticket.

Sometimes the Con works because you do win, or someone wins. Sometimes you do walk away from the table with a bankroll. The gold is dancing in your eyes. You know it's a temporary high, a small win, there are always future games ahead...but maybe, just maybe, you'll know when to call it quits, you'll be smart, you'll know when the time is right...and then, what's next? Oh yeah, there's another game waiting...and maybe you can try your luck one more're good enough, smart enough, and damn people like, they say you can't cheat an honest man, but of course you can...

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