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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Something was calling me this morning...maybe it was the coffee pot, 'wake up, fill me up!' Brewed up a little 'sweet love blend.'

I flicked on the radio and listened to Cosmologist and Quaker (one must 'quake' before god) George Ellis talk about 'kenosis' a greek word meaning to 'empty oneself' or to 'give oneself up.' Ellis believes that like the laws of physics, like mathematics, ethics (god) is embedded in the universe. Echo of Dylan's 'sanctity of nature.'

God is not invented by man, but discovered. Proof: all great religions (developed at different times/places) describe the same phenomena.

Human beings can live beyond 'the calculus of rationality' and embrace faith, hope, charity. Ellis is a South African who points to Mandela, Biko, Desmond Tutu as human beings who helped lead the country to a peaceful transformation. Rationality pointed to revenge, destruction, complete war: this had been transended, transformed.

We can not change history, but we can change the meaning of history.

Kenosis asks us to forgive, to sacrifice ourselves for another.

Paradoxes: weakness and suffering lead to strength. One must empty oneself in order to be filled.

I embrace the rosy fingered dawn.

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