WWSP's "The Alternate Boot!"

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Random bursts from the front:

1. Camp Alpha now sits upon the bones of ancient Babylon. Soldier's boots trample down the walls of Babylon. The Tower of Babel crumbles under the weight of trailers and tents. The well-armed 'infidels' obliterate ancient archeological treasure.

2. Happiness: is it bad for society? A 'study' seems to show that happy people are just as nasty as angry people. Both tend to stereotype others. It looks like the really nice people are the 'sad ones.' Humility makes the saint.

3. In China, the desired state is neutrality: neither satisfied, nor unsatisfied.

4. Ambrose Bierce's 'Devil's Dictionary': happiness is an agreeable sensation arising from the contemplation of another's misery.

5. Made a long trek to the south side yesterday. Listened to two of Dylan's 'lesser works' there and back. A true poet, a constant inspiration. He is an old black crow, both Heckyl and Jeckyl casting sparks both light and dark. "I'm in love with the ugliest girl in the world..."

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