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Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Life of the Mind. Or is it Shepard's 'Lie of the Mind?' Anyway, I'm thinking of the transcendance of imagination, collective unconscious, melody, harmony; of course, my new favorite word: grace.

Grace defined by Merton is -- the love of god. I'm aligned with Merton on the abstract, mysterious version of a supreme being. A being that is simply, totally, BEING. No need to be created out of something else, the simplicity of being. Like Van the Man says, 'there ain't no why, just IS.'

Instead of the big manifesto, the big IDEA, I'm thinking it's all as simple as light. The world a crystal; the light reflects, enhances, embodies, an infinite, multifaceted sparkle.

The sparkle of an eye. The sweet, innocent, laughter of a child. Joy at the ability to jump, shoot, score!

Our bodies, the material of life animated by this light. Or not. If not, MUD prevails. Revenge of the Lawn, Revenge of the Mud.

I choose Blake's 'energy is eternal delight,' the expansive, all encompassing energy of love. Within you and Without you.

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