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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Low-Bar or High-Bar?

Well. Covid-19 has upset the applecart, and upturned most of our expectations, hopes and aspirations. What a nasty/deadly little virus. So much death and destruction across the globe.

It feels like an accomplishment to wake up feeling relatively healthy: "Not sick today!"

Is it a low-bar or a high-bar? Not Ill. Still Safe.

We wonder can we stay safe until a vaccine? Experts are telling us we are at least 18 months from a vaccine. Seems like a small eternity. Can we stay safe that long? Is it just wishful thinking?

We have also read that some experts are thinking this is just the first-wave of the virus. We can look forward to a second wave in the Fall.  The mind reels.

We have adopted the new fashion, wearing improvised, non-surgical-grade, face-masks when we go outside.

We are reminded that so much of this crisis is beyond us. We can do our small part, washing hands, social distancing, wearing face coverings, venturing out as little as possible, keeping our heads, doing our best to stay positive.

Is it really enough?

Funny. Our lives have sort of contracted, our world has gotten smaller than we could ever have imagined.

No immunity/highly contagious = A deadly combo.  World in crisis. How will human beings handle all of this, over a lengthy period of time? That's a big question and a big worry...

The a.m. soundtrack - Afro-Celt Sound System - "Volume 1: Sound Magic" (1996). Dipping deep into our collection of CDs this morning. I don't know a lot about this band. We own two of their albums. This is their first album. It comes from Real World, founded by Peter Gabriel, which frankly was a tip-off  that it was worth a listen. "A musical group who fuse electronic music with traditional Irish and West African music. Afro Celt Sound System was formed in 1995 by producer-guitarist Simon Emmerson, and feature a wide range of guest artists." Yes. Very cool stuff. Head music. Body/Soul music too. Trippy, groovy, "World Music." A melting pot of influences. You think maybe it wouldn't work, but it really does. Sunday morning medicine.

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