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Friday, February 28, 2020

The Global Pandemic - A Change of Consciousness!

I have Covid-19 Virus on the mind...

Not panicking. Washing my hands frequently. You should do the same.

The USA and the leadership has been living in a bubble. The GOP and their Toxic Clown Leader have prided themselves on disregarding, Facts, Truth, Science, Reality. And no doubt their Climate Catastrophe Denialism is the most serious offense to the country, the planet, the ecosystem & Human Beings. But their muddled response to the looming global pandemic is also a crime. No this is not political, although, of course, there will be political consequences for folks who have been lying to us ever since 2016. They have been Gaslighting us with impunity. And seemingly, it has worked well for them. Up to now. I hazard a guess: Covid-19 will be a "Trump-Killer."

I do think a new day is dawning. Covid-19 is changing the consciousness day by day. Seems finally Gravity, Math,  Science, Biology, Truth, Reality, Facts will rule the day. Dividing people, stirring up hate, pissing off Liberals, treating your rich buddies to tax cuts and free cash, will no longer carry the day. We need some honest, smart, clear-headed people in charge. I do think that will be the big "take away" to this Global Pandemic.

There are some things you just can't wish away. You can't just lie, lie, lie, day after day. Finally the lies come back to haunt. Maybe having a Clusterfuck of a healthcare system (where vast swaths of the population don't have access to quality healthcare without bankrupting themselves), in the richest country on the planet is non-intelligent?


I began to think about how a virus moves thru a population. Very similar to ideas, whether healthy or sick ideas.

Ideas = Virus
Popularity = Virus
Fear = Virus
Hope = Virus

Affix the mask to your face. Avoid large crowds. Blue Wave 2020.

The a.m. soundtrack - Son Volt's "The Search." (2007). I think of this as a great find. I picked up this CD a couple years ago at Reckless Records in Chicago for $4.99. It was in the used CD bin. Hell, it's a great time to buy CDs. I love my little spinning silver discs. And I think this record is "underrated." It's a hell of a good album. A bit of a departure for Son Volt. Horns. Yes, saxophone and trumpet on "The Picture." It works. The guitars are kick-ass throughout. Jay Farrar is in fine voice. On some tracks he sings in a bit higher register. Jay is just an amazing singer-songwriter. A tight, tough r&r band. I woke up with Jay's voice in my head, singing, "Always dreaming, it's the search not the find."

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