WWSP's Shadow of th Marigold

Monday, August 22, 2016


The Last Abbie Fest. It is done. Complete. Finished. Kaput. In the books. An amazing journey. A wild ride. 28 consecutive festivals. 28 editions x 72 hours of (pretty much) non-stop theatrical madness. How many acts? How many performers? Uncounted. Uncountable.

The power & the glory. The love. The compassion. The selflessness. 

A weird cult. A brother & sister hood. A crazy, creative community. A very odd, unique, strange brew. Everything on stage and off. Everything. Alive. Aware. Now. The constant now. Waves of humanity. Waves of creativity. Waves of experience.

There was total love flowing in the wee hours. Exhaustion. Exhilaration. Ecstasy. Sadness. We carry the dream, in our hearts, our heads... the last fest has come and gone, the dream, the myth carries on, will never die, instead the dream & the myth will grow larger, and more resonant, more powerful as it fades.

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