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Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Bat-Shit Crazy Ones!

Making sense of the "Bat-Shit Crazy." Maybe this profile of Trump supporters helps? Lately, every morning, when I listen to National Public Radio, reporters seem to search out some seriously twisted folks, folks who have twisted themselves into pretzels, explaining why they are voting Trump.

My companion thinks that this is a real disservice, giving voice to the seriously twisted, and maybe by giving them a voice, a soapbox, they are actually empowering others like them. And maybe there  are more people out there like them than we know?

I suppose that's the fear of this election. That there is a "silent majority" that can't wait to vote for the bat-shit crazy guy: the bigot, the racist, the lazy, no-nothing billionaire that promises to magically fix everything for white folks.

I don't buy it. Just don't think there are enough of those seriously twisted folks. I take heart that there really is no coherence. That this fealty to the "Bat-Shit Crazy" has no staying power, no real philosophy, except maybe a disenchantment with progressive government, a deep in the bone resentment of the poor and people of color, and fear that someone else is getting a better deal.

So I listen to these voices and believe that our country is better than that. Maybe the Democrat, the Woman, isn't the perfect candidate, but she is a smart, competent politician - and that's good enough.  More than good enough. And she doesn't need to, and won't, win everyone over - our country is too deeply divided - but I do think she will prevail.

Still, it's instructive and interesting and amazing to watch and listen to American voters who are willing to totally abandon themselves to the Bat-Shit Crazy. Democracy. Right?!

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