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Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Timeless Now of the Divine Spirit!"

I am reading a sort of dry, weighty, musicological tome. And in the reading, I come across a quote from what I imagine is another dry, weighty musicological tome, written by a guy named John Blacking, "How Musical is Man?"

And then I come across this phrase, "Timeless Now of the Divine Spirit." And I see my life flash before my eyes. I realize this is where all my energy has been directed for many, many years. And whether this state is mythological, or very real; hard to find, or easy to get to; I realize that all of my work in theater and music, all of my creative activity, has been steeped in the search for this special state.

And I know I have glimpsed it. Yes, indeed. In rehearsals, in the working thru, in performance. Not often, but once in a great while all elements conspire and that special state is revealed.  I have experienced a state where "old age, death, grief, thirst, hunger and the other afflictions of this world are seen as transitory events."

This state, this quest for the "Timeless Now of the Divine Spirit," is my guiding light and experiential philosophy. It's very gratifying and enlightening to find answers once in awhile!

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