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Monday, August 29, 2016

Thank God We Out-Number Them!

We had a long, rambling conversation here yesterday (see previous post).  Maybe trying to understand the non-understandable: Trump Land and all those crazy, confused, incomprehensible Trumpsters. 

We concluded that they are at the core Bigots, Racists, White Nationalists. Otherwise no coherence, no guiding philosophy. A Politics of Hate and Resentment.

Or as David Plouffe puts it, "We have a psychopath running for President." And a racist. And there is a devoted core of folks who will gladly vote for the psychopath & racist. And maybe this Trump thing is just a good reminder that Politics in America has always, always been about race.

And what do you do with those folks? Can't talk or reason with them. And once you call someone a Racist the conversation is basically over.

Our conclusion: Ignore them, Work around them, Move them out of the way, Out-Vote Them.

We out-number them. Thank Heavens! Just write them off! We own the big metropolitan cities. We own the territory of multiculturalism, tolerance, liberalism. That is the America we  love and want to live in...

Those red Trump states are just a toxic cultural & political wasteland. Let's just leave them behind!

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