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Monday, June 10, 2013

Post-Show Glow/Post-Show Funk!

We had a very successful night of music at our Stones show Saturday. So Sunday we were in the post-show glow, and the post-show funk. You always get both. You are up and flying high because the show went well, full-house, good times, band in fine form etc. And you are in the low-down funk because, well, it's all over. The energy has been expended. The smoke has cleared, and it's another day, and there's a sort of void that hangs around you like a black cloud. That's just the way it goes.

And then early evening my good friend MDB leaves a message on voicemail: "You are making the world a better place with every song you sing." And you know he said it with a smile, maybe even a smirk, okay, maybe not a smirk, a smile, and maybe he meant it, and even if he didn't totally mean it, even if there was little irony in the comment, that's okay... just the most perfect little message anyone could leave for you.

And the low-down funk vanished in a blink. And the glow just glowed a little brighter! 

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