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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Close Calls - Close or Not?

Close call. (See previous post).  Is that really how it works? Is it just a matter of chance? Of odds? Of probabilities? If you re-ran the scene, would I always just evade calamity? If you changed one variable, would I have been crushed?

One step deeper into the street, the angle of the turning vehicle a little less sharp, do I end up a mangled mess?  I guess, if you had a computer model, you could work it out. Do I escape unscathed 9 times out of 10? Or do I get flattened 9 times out of 10?

Was it a sure thing that I didn't get hit, or was it an unlikely stroke of luck? You can't really re-run the universe, right? So was the thing that happened, the only thing that could have happened? Is that how it works? Is this just an example of Actualism? The only thing that happens is what actually happens?

I don't know.

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