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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Levels to Life

Yes, it certainly "feels" like there are levels to our lives.  We live on the surface. We live in the day to day. There are all the things of the day: the mundane, the typical, the daily things that we do.

But there is a subterranean level too. That's where there are all these raging feelings, the ocean of emotions that kind of churns around inside of us.

And then there is this "higher plain" where our thoughts, our visions, and our dreams reside. We tap into that level when we daydream or meditate, or when we just let our minds wander a bit.

So that's three levels right there. And then you think, there might be more levels too.  Sometimes you get a glimpse or premonition or an intuition about realms beyond the body, beyond the human, that we sometimes connect to. 

And we can't be sure if these realms are really out there or not, it's hard to see outside ourselves, and hard to document the things we can't document, but then you get that feeling that... of course.

I mean, of course. 

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