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Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Little Blue Planet is Just like a Volkswagon!

This morning I Googled, "how many people on the planet." The answer as of this morning - 7.065 billion.  Seems we've been on a major upswing since the Great Famine and the Black Death!

Kudos to you human beings.  That's a lot of reproduction.  You'd think with all that rutting and producing we'd finally come up with the perfect human.  One to top all other examples, and then maybe we could stop trying.  But no, we haven't gotten there yet.  Let's keep pumping out folks, folks!

We all have jobs to do here people!  Come on!  Let's see how many human beings we can crowd onto this little blue planet!  It's kind of like seeing how many college students we can get into a Volkswagon! 

This got me thinking about Warhol's "15 minutes of fame" comment.  I think many of us are shit out of luck on this one.  It does seem like people are famous for lots of silly and stupid reasons. Some are famous for being famous.  And some (Kim Kardashian?) are chewing up way more than their allotted 15 minutes.  I'm afraid there aren't enough 15 minutes for all 7.065 billions of us.

So okay, that means that many of us must toil away in obscurity for the duration of our days.  Come on.  It's all right. Don't be disappointed. Some of us just have to buck up and toil away in the darkness of our own shadows.  I say fuck it! Toil away!!!

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