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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perfect Gun - Yes, Perfect People - No

OK... this is my fourth post on guns... so maybe I am on an anti-gun jihad!  I always thought that line "Guns don't kill people, people kill people," from the NRA was ridiculous.  But obviously it is true. To a point.  People do kill people.  And people with guns are much better at killing people than people without guns.

The problem is not the gun, the problem is the people.  Yes, I agree.  We are good at making a perfect gun.  A gun that can mow down lots of people in a blink of the eye.  We aren't good at making perfect people.

I mean, show me a person that never gets mad, or never does something stupid, or never acts irrationally, or gets depressed, or gets confused, or inebriated, or stressed or self-obsessed.  

OK. So maybe an assault rifle in the hands of the Dali Lama, or Mother Teresa, or Gandhi, doesn't worry you, but I'm in the camp that says, put anyone in a difficult situation, and look out, anything is possible.

People act in weird and irrational ways all the time. It's part of who we are.  People can forgive people. But those guns and bullets, they are not forgiving at all!

Mother Jones tackles 10 Pro-Gun Myths here.

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