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Monday, February 18, 2013

Human Creativity at it's Best!

I am not on an anti-gun Jihad. I think our obsession with guns, and the whole gun culture is pretty damn crazy.  Just another manifestation of our twisted human condition.  We can't help ourselves. We are human beings.  Do we lean to the light or the dark? Do we run with the life trip or the death trip?

You can't really fight the crazy.  Maybe the best is to point out how crazy it all is and then support sensible ways to make guns a little less available and all of us a lot more accountable.

But I am wildly excited to find out about Jewelry for a Cause... seems they make bracelets out of guns and bullets.  Guns and bullets from Newark, NJ.  And portion of the proceeds goes back to Newark to support their gun buyback program.

I love it.  Human creativity trumps all!  Bracelets trump weapons!  That number on the bracelet is the original serial number of the gun...! Totally cool!

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