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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Visual Storm!

We went to Wicker Park last night to see the Storm Thorgerson show "Computers have a lot to answer for."  Quite the amazing collection of art.  A dying art I suppose.  Most of Thorgerson's work has been album covers for bands.  No CGI.  All just striking images perfectly captured by old style photographic equipment...

Surreal imagery, so real, it's unreal.  Really.  I had a chance to say "hi" to Storm and tell him how much I loved his work.  I wanted to ask about those wacky days with Syd Barrett, but it just wasn't the place or time.  Anyway, what a great show.  Over the years I have sat and contemplated and meditated over some of these images.  Looking for the secret.  Marveling at the beauty and mystery...

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