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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The SUN!

And just why isn't our land filled with these (see below) solar arrays? When people talk about "alternative" energy, they are derided as dreamers, as wimps, as tree huggers. Don't you know that the SUN is the biggest freaking generator in our orbit? 

 The SUN is the energy source for all life on our planet. We really should have a Solar Cult devoted to worshiping and channeling the power of the SUN! It's been around for millions of years, and will be around, unless something unforeseen happens, for many millions more. We should be devoting major investments in dollars and manpower to fill our land with solar arrays. 

Those making money drilling into the earth should be ostracized. Get your heads out of the dirt. Raise your heads, raise your eyes. Look up at the SUN. It's power can save us, it can free us from the slavery of dirty fossil fuel. Wake Up! The SUN!

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