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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Secular, Humanist, Liberal, Scientific Vision is the Winner!

So we have all these freaky talking heads and pundits blathering on about everything under the sun all the time. Most of them seem to just add to the constant white noise of pop culture.

Do any of them have a clue what they are talking about? Well, it seems that if they are conservative and have a law degree too, no, they really don't have a clue. And maybe that makes sense. Someone with a very rigid, fixed, conservatively ideological view of the world (think George W. Bush - the man, who when he touched it, turned it to shit) really is clueless when it comes to our complex, every-changing reality.

So anyway, a college class analyzed political and economic pundits and their predictions. Turns out most of them did really poorly. If you wanted to predict the outcome of a particular event, you might as well as have flipped a coin.

Who scored best as a prognosticator? Paul Krugman! The liberal! And this too makes sense. A liberal thinker would be more flexible, change-able, maybe wishy-washy, someone who will change their mind based on the evidence! If you ever read Krugman, you realize he is always looking at the underlying evidence. Sifting the facts, trying to understand the nuance. He is flexible and quick-thinking, which is a much better frame of mind in which to see the world clearly.

He is clear-headed, and has a heart.

Sometimes it is frustrating read Krugman, because he often seems so right, and yet, no one seems to be listening. I guess it's easy to tune the liberal out. That would be just what the conservative mind-set would tend to do.

I can't help thinking today conservative really does equal stupid!

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